7×1 Snatch off high blocks (heaviest possible)

Have a look at this clip so you can gauge where the bar needs to be positioned, even though the clip is a C&J the bar position on the snatch will be the same. It should sit just below the hip crease. Your torso angle will not be “over the bar” as much and you will be a little more upright than going from above the knee. But this is NOT a vertical snatch off high boxes and so the torso should not be vertical.
Pay attention to the “FINISH” and get FAST under the bar.

3 Clean (Power or Squat) OTMEM For 15mins

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  1. gocalf

    WOd class 60-60-then 70kg till finish (think i might start at 75/80 next time)

  2. Live laugh love x

    Great night at the box! great atmosphere.
    Oly class- snatched 35kg off box.

    Wod, 45kg x4/ 47.5kg x3/ 45kg x2/ 47.5 x2/ 45kg x 2/ 47.5kg x2
    Finished off with 1 @ 50kg my pb :-)

  3. Fieldy

    Stuck with 60kgs to work on technique. Put 70 on halfway but the arms were bending immediately so took it back to 60. Defo making some progress even if its small steps.

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