Just a reminder to you guys to check the class schedule – a few people have turned up when classes are not on in the day and also I noticed a mention that a 9am class would suit some people – we have been running a 9am class on selected days for a good few months now. So head over to the schedule page and see if there are some class times that suit you that you did not know existed!!

How many of you can say that you no rep yourself in a WOD when you don't hit ROM?

3 Rounds For Time:

Run 400m
30 OHS 30/20kg
10 CTB Pull Ups

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  1. TomColl

    11.47 rx
    fun one

  2. Leights

    16.02 rx

    Legs totally trashed after last night , in hindsight , perhaps should have rested.

  3. Fieldy

    18:02 RX
    Starting to get CTB so pretty happy with the rx.

  4. 18:57 @ 17kg OHS

    Tough but great way to start the day. Cheers to Carley for pulling me through, I chased you all the way…had no hope of catching you but it kept me going nonetheless :)

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