7am WOD Classes

Quick poll for everyone please.  The 7am WOD class is obviously not a session for everyone, i know i’m not a massive morning person 😉 but for some people they provide flexibility around work/family or for when they can’t make an evening session for some reason.  When we first introduced the classes we had a regular crowd but this has diminished over time.  A few of you guys have mentioned to us that it may be because 7am is too late and that maybe a 6:30am start would be better (they are 45 minute long classes)? 

Via the comments, please could you let us know if a 6:30am class would be better or if you would rather us stop the early morning classes and utilise our coaches at other times in the day?  It would be great if we could have an early morning session which is busy (which I know a lot of other boxes in the US and in the UK get) as it is a great way to start the day (Terri tells me!).

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150 Wall Ball 9/7kg

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Post times and opinions on morning classes to comments


  1. DmxRonin

    I would make more of an effort if they were at 6:30am as time would be less tight (I’m rushing to get out in time!), although 6:45am would probably be a good compromise (sorry to complicate the issue!)

    I know an effort is made to get the WODs up the day before (and it is appreciated, don’t get me wrong!) but if I’m training in the morning I am usually in bed asleep by 9:00pm so I wouldn’t always see the posts (on Twitter, don’t know about FB). Psychologically I find it easier to get up in the morning if I know what I’m up against.

  2. My only issue with training in the morning is showering on time and to be ready for work to leave at 7.45, not sure how many other people would need to use the shower and i take ages to get ready!! 6.30 would be a lot better than 7.00 as Sim and i work in llandeilo! The earlier the better for us! 😀

  3. DmxRonin

    TBF the last two WODs have been posted just after 9pm.

  4. If that’s the case, I’m happy to take responsibility of posting the WOD fir the dawn patrol at a time that suits all.

  5. Very nice Nano’s jaff. I’ve got about 20 pairs designed now. #lessdesigning #morework

  6. I’m aiming to start making an effort to come in mornings especially as some evenings I’m stuck in new shop. The time doesn’t matter to me as I don’t have to be in work till 9:30.

    Is there an open gym or option for open gym after the wod ?? I’d like to hang around maybe work on my many many weaknesses ??

  7. Leights

    12.58 rx

  8. In a few weeks when I plan to ramp it up to 3 on 1 off, a morning option would be really good but 7 would be too late to get home and shower before work. 6:30 would still be tight but would be better.

  9. Will buying customised Nanos mean that I’ll be able to breathe and talk after a 400m run? If so, sign me up for a dozen pairs!!!!

  10. 6.30 would be loads better as I often have to turn down the morning wod’s because I worry bout showering and being out for work in time!!!!! would hate to c them disappear as it is good to have the opportunity to train twice a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sa1 and 365 start at 6.30 which is prob why they have more peeps!!!!! Obviously with more people going there would b a queue for the shower but if everyone was happy to shower then change in toilets/physio room so someone else could jump in the shower then everyone could still be out in time for work!!!!! :)

  11. gocalf

    10:40 (Last 5 rounds of knees to elbows became knees to chest to be fair could not make elbows but otherwise rx which I am happy with) have lost all ability to walk up and down stairs is that normal? have never made it to early session 7 as pushed for time might make 6:30 thought as I found the shower today!

  12. I didn’t know there was a shower – happy to join the queue! That option would certainly make it more doable.

    • yeah Janie there is one shower in the dsiabled toilets…..usually only 2 mybe 3 of us need to shower but if there were more of us we could just all agree on first to be away first to be in shower then quick rotation by changing in other toilets/room!!! therefore no one needs to be long then!!!!!! :)

      • Great. Look forward to seeing you there over the next few weeks. Off to Turkey on Sat for two lovely weeks so see you when I’m back. Bye for now. J

  13. I would hate to see the options of AM WODs disappear too. I’ve had to give a few a miss though cos it would’ve been too tight to make it into work so a 6:30 start would be good

  14. Leights

    Sorry, a bit wod drunk earlier to post comment on the morning classes comment. Early mornings no good for me but would love to see a regular 2 hr class at 9am. Would possibly entice a few work colleagues as a result , as they all seem to train at that time at ” globos” !

  15. Live laugh love x

    15:54 @6kg. Felt a lot stronger on wall balls. Complete swinging ape mess on K2E.

  16. flipflop

    15.41 with knees as high as I could get them. #notgoingtobeabletowalkinthemorning

    Mornings no good for me unless you want to start them at 4.30 :-)

  17. 6 would be good for me… I start work at 7!!

  18. I think you need more showers by the sounds of it! Haha!

  19. 6.30 would be about right. Find myself clock watching a bit at 7 to make sure I leave on time.

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