In the European Regionals Coach Glassman hinted that we may see a triathlon at the games!! Todays WOD on mainsite is a sprint triathlon – a hint to the competitors maybe!! Terri this has your name all over it!!! #wheelhouse


Establish a 1 Rep Max Snatch.

WOD Class

Death by Pull Ups.

Post load and/or minutes to comments


  1. Fieldy

    Couldn’t make either class today but made open gym and did:

    5 rds ft:
    400m run
    10 back squat 60kgs
    20 du’s 
    5 back squat
    10 du’s 

    22:20 blower! Cheers Carly and Kelly for pushing me!

  2. was a tough wod Fieldy….am still feeling a bit sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O Good though, we all pushed eachother!!!!!!!!!

  3. Leights

    Yesterdays wod first, then,

    17 rounds and shredded hands on Death by Pull Ups, then,

    equalled pb at 1 RM Snatch @ 50kgs

    think I might hurt a bit over the next few days.

  4. scottdavey

    managed 50kg on the snatch pb by 5 kg, progress, then 15 rds plus 8 pull ups, hands ripped so lost my head abit

  5. Live laugh love x

    Got to 35KG on squat snatch.
    Pullups were a mess- all i can say is when i get that bloody goat….

  6. Andy Burns

    55kg on Snatch … Still 10kg off PB

    10 & 7 on the PU’s

    See you in a couple of weeks; off to America. If anyone wants any stash picked up drop us a message on the book of faces!!

  7. DmxRonin

    85kg Snatch (15kg PB/ Bodyweight)

    Super chuffed with this though my positioning wasn’t great so lots to work on (finish, pull with straight arms, faster under the bar), which means I potentially could lift even heavier in the future, awesome thought!

  8. gocalf

    got to 10 rds on pulls ups shredded hands on 6 but finished round and got 3 on rd 11. gutted hands gave out:(

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