Thanks to everyone who donated to the “CrossFit For Hope” WOD. We raised £101.80 towards a great cause!

3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
15 Power Clean 50/35kg
15 Ring Dips

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  1. 12:09 (50kg/blue band assisted dips)
    400m takes it out of you!

  2. 12:18

    200m run – bloody bloody effing runs!
    17kg power cleans
    ring dips – not sure what the scaled name is – little jumps that felt like really hard work!

    Nia – no problem shouting me through the WOD – it’s what I need – thanks and well done for getting thru – it was a toughie

  3. Live laugh love x

    11:39 35KG Blue band Ring Dips. Enjoyed that one!

  4. DmxRonin

    8:52 Rx.

  5. Andy Burns

    11.37 –> 10 Ring Dips (Abuse for scaling again). Felt good … until the last round. Ha ha!!

  6. 16:38 I think, so shattered after the runs, couldn’t remember my time.
    25kg and blue band. Thanks to Penny for keeping me going

  7. Leights

    12.09 rx

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