This goes down tomorrow – get some rest and rock up tomorrow ready to hit it HARD. Bring some cash to donate to the cause. The aim is $1.7 million and hopefully we can contribute to it.

“No child should die in the dawn of their life”

3 Rounds For Time:
7 Deadlift 140/90kg
7 Muscle Ups

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Hopefully this WOD will give you a sense of the level the regional athletes are at, this is only the first part of event 6!! Athletes then had to do 3 Rds of 21 Wallball and TTB a 100ft Farmers carry with 2 50kg dumbells 28 burpee box jumps a 100ft Farmers Carry and 3 muscle ups to finish – Ben Smith did this in around 13 minutes!!!!!!!! Oh and the womens deadlift weight was 100kg – but we will stick with 90!!


  1. simmo

    7:09 with 140kg and transitions!
    First morning workout in years, so could hve been quicker!
    Good way to kick off the weekend though!

  2. gocalf

    got in a cheeky lunchtime WOD 3:26 100kg dl, 7 ring rows,7jumping ring dips. Looking forward to crossfit for hope 2moro and the beer reward at cj’s later 😉

  3. Terri

    4:58 with the morning crew. 90kg deads and Carl Paoli band transition mu

    Kudos to Nia on upping her dead lift weight!

    Followed that with a 60kg power clean (twice) woohoo

  4. Open gym. Diane wod. 4.27.
    Happy with this. 30sec or so quicker than few months back.

  5. Fieldy

    3rft with Phil Jon and Rich
    20 press up’s
    50 sit up’s
    50 air squats
    50 double unders

    18:36 cracking sweat!

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