Sorry for the late post – I am having massive issues with my new broadband provider – out of interest anyone else have problems with Sky Broadband?

1} Front Squat 3×3 rest 90-120secs between sets
2} Establish a 1RM Clean

5 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
15 OHS 40/30kg

Post loads / time to comments


  1. DmxRonin

    90kg Squat Clean but first time with a good finish, really happy. Ready to take on 100kg C J by end of the month.

  2. gocalf

    gotta love doing Nancy in the rain. 14:44 with 20kg OHS felt a lot better with wide grip cheers matthew! might see if I can start a t 30kg next time.

  3. Andy Burns

    Nancy in the rain – awesome little Bitch she was … went up to 35kg from 30 last time. All but one set (second) unbroken I think but it still took me 18:19ish *Running Sucks*

  4. last time I tried nancy was at the old box, i got to rnd 3 then went to hospital broken so dnf. This time Nancy as rx (plus the wind!)13:18. Then squat clean 105kg, with a bit of a push press overhead so two PBs.

  5. Terri

    first time rx’ing Nancy
    14:51 No rain when I did it but felt like I was running through molasses.

  6. Fieldy

    16:58 rx (no rain for me picked a nice dry window!)
    Also got a new pb on du’s 39 and nailed my first butterfly thanks to Gi and Si.

  7. Live laugh love x

    Great wod. 15.38 @ 25kg. Next time rx

  8. Janie

    Have been sick for a couple of days so haven’t been able to get to box – will be back Monday – but Matt, I’m with Sky and while main computer is fine, laptop and iPad are always losing signal and then takes hours, literally sometimes, to reconnect. Seriously thinking of changing!

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