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A must for all Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis fans:


With a 20minute Running Clock:
In Pairs:
5Min AMRAP KB Swing 32/24kg (1 between pair, so select weight that both can do)
Straight to
10Min AMRAP 5 Pull Ups/10 Press Ups/15 Squats (one partner does a complete round while other partner rests)
Straight to
AMRAP DU: Only 1 partner can do DU – When they snag, the other partner takes over.

Score is Pairs total number of reps!!

Post score to comments


  1. How does the KB work? how many do you do at a time? what happens if your partners use different weights???

  2. Matthew

    Carly if you read the workout it says select a KB that both can do so either one partner steps up a weight or ones goes a bit lighter but will get more reps. Whenever a rep range is not written with a amrap it is for max reps eg you go first and hit 33 then your partner goes and does 25 then you go and get 26 etc etc. Enjoy

  3. simmo

    405 reps between Me and Nia.

    28kg KB/12kg KB (115reps)
    8 Rnds Cindy (240reps)
    DU’s (50reps)

    Happy with the progress with the Kipps, cheers CC!!

  4. What happen s if a partner goes down a weight and ends up not resting for the 5mins??? that will mean the other partner won’t have much of a workout!!!!!! :O

  5. Matthew

    Carly thats why the coaches will make the final call so that does not happen.
    As a guide you should select a KB you can get 20-25 swings out unbroken anything more and it is too light

  6. Matthew

    If both partners use the same KB and do all the other movements without scaling the wod is RX if you really have to use a different KB each due to a massive imbalance in strength then it is cool but not Rx

  7. Good question Carley. I was wondering the same thing because due to a massive imbalance of strength scott had to go with the 8kg kettle bell ! But he did well fair play. Great workout. Enjoyed. 900 reps in total. RX. Aching today after great wod’s this week.

  8. scottdavey

    haha nice dewi, atleast i was doing full range of motion

  9. You are a finely tuned machine mate!

  10. worked with Daf before going to BINGO…..won nothing but a good night out. 931 reps RX. Proper blower and a good sweater!!

  11. Gutted didnt end up taking part in this wod. Went to get an injury checked out with the advice from Dr Lauren and Caitlin. So glad I did as to a relief nothing fractured just badly sprained so got to wear a support for the next 10 days then go back for a final check!!! Gutted am going to be limited for the next week but may be the short break will do me good!!!!! Could have been a lot longer if I carried on training on it!!!! So going to try and stay away for a few days!!!!!!! :O

  12. Fieldy

    Great wod! Really enjoyed! Worked with Phil
    Kbs 130
    Cindy 365
    Du’s 230

    Total. 725

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