June 9th – CrossFit For Hope

Sean RCFV culture secretary has asked me to give you the following info for Saturday evening:

  • Can everyone get their votes to Sean by 7pm Friday (if you are unsure of the categories ask Sean, he is on FB and Twitter or catch him at the box)
  • Please would all attending contribute £2 towards the winners prizes.

In the morning the WOD will be a special one.  The world wide CrossFit community will be hitting “CrossFit For Hope” and so will we.  Bring some extra cash as I will be passing a bucket around for donations to a great cause.  Lets get into it and then maybe have a few early beers….


  1. Janie

    Can’t make Saturday I’m afraid – nephew’s birthday in Bristol and will not be forgiven if I miss it! I’ll bring some extra cash to WOD this week and leave it with whoever’s coaching that day. Have a fab time on Saturday night and I’ll definitely be at the next one.

  2. Hey Matthew, done something to my hand so gotta wear a support for the next 10 days then fingers crossed will all be better. Just wondering if I came to do ‘Hope’ can I substitute the movements for something that avoids my right arm!!!!!!! Checked out WODs on the net and some say about doing 1 armed jumping pull ups and just concentrating on 1 arm…….what do you think of using just the one arm??? don’t wana cause an imbalance or end up pulling my left arm because of too much strain!!!! Or should I just concentrate on legs, GHD’S, back ext :O

  3. Matthew

    No worries Carls we will sort something!!! Come on down!!!

  4. Great atmosphere this morning! everyone giving it all; true crossfit style!!!!!!!!! luv it!!!!!! :)

  5. Hope everyones feeling as rough as me today! Sorry I couldnt make it down guys, hope you had a good one!

    233 rx for me, happy with that but it was brutal!

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