Just in case you missed this yesterday on the MAINSITE!!!!

3 Clusters 60/40kg OTMEM for 15 Mins

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  1. gocalf

    found the clusters hard today 60kg for first 10 then 50 for 5. think improving my technique will help:)

  2. Great video. Nice to be able to see benchmark video wod’s at our own box. But would be nice to see crossfit velocity members in wod examples. Maybe something to consider!!

  3. Matthew

    Dewi 2 of the 4 were RCFV. One a coach and the other the owner! In terms of the make up of the demo we had no control over it (in other words we did what we were told)

  4. Just a suggestion. Would be good to see from a member point of view.

  5. simmo

    First time doing Clusters! Managed 60kg all the way through! Need to work on my shrug to dip under!

  6. Matthew

    Dewi I would love nothing more than to have the whole box in a mainsite demo video but as I said we have no say in what the workout is and are told exactly how many and who had to be in the workout.

  7. Matthew. Meant as a constructive suggestion. I understand that you are probably told who to include. But as a suggestion maybe for the future it would be good to see a members video section/gallery. Maybe filming members doing wod’s or reaching pb’s would be a great way of getting more site visits for RCFV? I did write an email mentioning this but had no feedback.

  8. Matthew

    We have a YouTube channel that has videos of members doing wods all the way back to the early days in the old box. It’s not always easy to film stuff as the priority has to be coaching and running the session but whenever possible I try to make a video every now and then – the last one was the nasty girls video. Seen it?

  9. Never knew about the RCFV YouTube channel. I will have a look for it. Thanks for the rapid replies. Just thought i’d post my suggestions hopefully to help the box. See you soon.

  10. DmxRonin

    60kg Rx.
    Found it hard. Tomorrow looks like a good GOAT killer too so will try and step up.

  11. 60kg for 5 rounds then 70kg for the next 10. Got tough towards the end

  12. Terri

    This one was really tough for me but surprised myself and made it through rx’d – cluster and thrusters = major goat

  13. Andy Burns

    Massive goat … Couldn’t get off 40kg & still took literally 2 hrs to recover lying in the fetal position !!

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