Yes – SOB has got his muscle up!!

4 Rounds For Time:
15 Thrusters 40/30kg
30 DU

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  1. Haha about time as well!

    7.16rx for me.

    Thought that was decent and Gi strolls in and smashes me by a good 2 minutes

  2. Terri

    7.16 rx for me as well – what’s up with that? Of course I had to put my wrist straps on before round 2 so that was probably 5 seconds ;p rookie mistake.

    tough mental struggle for me to do this one alone today – thrusters =goat

  3. scottdavey

    8.43 rx thrusters are slowy getting better

  4. simmo

    8:56 40k/60 single skips! Wish I could do DU’s, so i’m jus gna have to practice flat out till I can!

  5. 6:57 Rx
    Felt good tonight.
    Absolutely wrecked now but hey ho!

  6. flipflop

    11.12 rx chuffed with that its great to be able to finally rx wods with du in them

    Cheers cc awsome rope def made a difference

  7. Fieldy

    10:29 rx should of gone sub 10 if I hadn’t snagged so much last round. Defo get it next time! I agree Phil nice to do a wod with du’s and not have them leave u!!

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