Karen (150 Wall Balls)

On the minute perform 5 Ground To Overhead (GTOH) 60/40kg

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The European Regionals of the CrossFit Games 2012 took place over the weekend and Iceland have contributed 3 of the 4 female qualifiers, 1 of the 3 male qualifiers and 2 of the 3 team spots.  Something in their viking blood?  Video is of Annie T’s joint world record Diane time.  This is unreal, even more so if (like myself) you did Diane last week as part of RCFVs programming and found it tough.

Also, big congrats to two of our members Ian (Chizzy) and Hannah who tied the knot over the weekend.


  1. nia_davies

    That woman is insane!

  2. simmo

    8:56 40k/9k hell of a blower!

  3. gocalf

    5:45 40k/9k took a while to recover. well chuffed with time but maybe should of gone heavier

  4. 10.53 @ 35KG (75 WB) Did the first 40 with 7kg but dropped to 5kg for the 35!!! this was one harsh WOD!!! hard from the start…..didnt feel in the zone once!!!!! Got to 50 and decided to go to 75 only as I prob would still be there now!!!!!!!!

    I want whatever the Iclandic woman are having!!!! :)

  5. Fieldy

    Horrible wod what a blower after a week away!
    75 wall balls @ 9kgs
    Gtoh 62 @ 50kgs
    13 @ 40kgs
    Great effort from Richie and Nicky tonight and great to see so many new members!

  6. Terri

    Congrats to Hannah and Chizzy… I had no idea..clueless.

    haha Annie – it’s only 21-15-9 why would I slow down (I wish)

    Amazing effort to all who fought through today’s WOD. Most people scaled the wall balls to 75 and still found it a nasty one. Really gutted I couldn’t find anyone to call out the minutes for me 😉

  7. 14:52 with 60kg and 75WB. Felt horrendous for a good while after

  8. adamgriff


  9. Karen with a Grace type couplet, great way to expose my goats. this was the third or fourth wod I’ve had a dnf on in nearly three years training. hideous from start to finish and ended up just doing the gtoh on the minute for 10mins. to the new guys, if you have a smart phone download the WOD app it’ll give you all the info on the named wods and other bits.

  10. flipflop

    8.50 50 kg 9 kg med ball

    awesome to watch Nicky do the it 3.51 rx shame he hadn’t planned on doing all 150 as i think he would have smashed it in under 10 mins

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