For time:

500 double unders

On the minute perform 2 wall walks

Post time to comments.


Congratulations to the May ‘On Rampers’ 7 of whom are pictured below. On Ramp course completed, see you in class (Simon and Nia have already been – both there for yesterdays 10am WOD)!









  1. nia_davies

    I enjoyed the tyre flips!!!

  2. DmxRonin

    9:37 Rx.

  3. Well done on rampers! welcome to the cult…sorry gang! a few days of surf, PB on Diane and Shankle have left me with massive doms so done nothing all day. See ya tomorrow.

  4. Janie

    Is the purpose of publishing this photo to encourage some of us that we need to keep coming? It certainly works – can we have another ‘on ramp of May 2012 photo’ in about 6 months time just to see the difference!

    Si, it doesn’t take long to catch the bug does it – already itching to get to my first WOD!

    See you all soon

  5. Janie, if you want another photo done then that could definately be arranged. Look forward to seeing you as part of a WOD class very soon

  6. Andy Burns

    1000 singles & 1 Wall ball 10:59 … Coming off the back of Man Flu!!

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