We have held 2 Intro to SPEAR courses at RCFV and they are amazing. It is aimed at everyone regardless of fitness or previous experience with self defence. Everyone needs the ability to defend themselves or loved ones. Give yourself the skills and knowledge that could save your life one day. The course is on Sunday June 10th 11:30 – 4:30pm (the day after the RCFV night out and so the perfect way to sweat the beer out!!) Use the link below to sign up and post to comments if you are in!!

PDR/SPEAR Intro Course at Reebok CrossFit Velocity, June 10th, 11.30am – 4.30pm.

O Class

High Hang Snatch 5×3
OHS 3×3


For Time
Deadlift 100/70kg

Post loads and time to comments


  1. In!!! Cannot wait!!!

  2. Mrs Mush

    Great WOD tonight, love the strength work. 9:30min, dead lifts at 40kg and strict shoulder press at 17kg. Bring on the girlie guns!

  3. Leights

    Wod Scaled too much, with 9-6-3 hspu.


    Gutted to miss another night out :-((

  4. diane as rx 3:23 a pb by 1min 20s. think im around on the 9th sean will let you know.

  5. Andy Burns

    Si – That is huge. You’ll be in the open next year if you keep going !!

  6. Janie

    9th on ramp

    Beat 1st on ramp by 2 minutes!

    Many thanks to my fellow on rampers and the guys at the Box – couldn’t have done it without you.

  7. Janie

    Hah – it’s obviously gone to my brain – I’ve posted on the wrong day! Did 9th on ramp on 25th not 24th! Duh!

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