When we next get some good weather on a Sunday I reckon we workout at 11am and then have a BBQ and tailgate party in our HUGE carpark (which is always empty on Sundays). Who’s with me??? No….. maybe this will get you in the mood:

The board is filling up nicely for Sean the RCFV culture secretary’s first get together – if you are on the On Ramp this month it would be cool for you guys to come and have a few drinks if you can make it – details on the board at the box.

6 Rounds Not For Time
2 Mins “On”
Row 200m
8 Barbell Clusters 40/30kg
2 Mins “Off”

Score for each round is number of burpees.

Post score for each round to comments


  1. Matt, have you got tabs on me? I was talking about this only yesterday. Great shout.

  2. TomColl

    ‘ the RCFV culture secretary’ Funny!

  3. BBQ!!!!!!!! Sounds a fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. 44 burpees rx. Liked the style! Something different although I would have been more than happy to stop and rest after the clusters.

  5. gocalf

    25 burpees (30kg cluster) bbq sounds a plan:)

  6. 38 burpees rx. tough going.

  7. DmxRonin

    57 Burpees.

  8. simmo

    Tasty WOD 8 on-ramp! Cant wait to get stuck into the real deal! AMRAP 10 mins – 7 mbpc , 7 knees to elbows! 10rds 3mbpc. Not great but defo gettin better

  9. LucyD

    28 Burpees….Need to build the weight up on clusters!

  10. flipflop

    19 burpees rx

  11. Janie

    8th on ramp

    Warm up – 200m run AND I DIDN’T COME LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

    Skills – clean and jerk 3kg ball – knee to elbow (that’s a laugh) with a 20 inch box – GHD machine sit up

    10m AMRAP – 7 clean and jerks, 4 knee to elbows = 8,5 rounds

    Crap at clean and jerks – got the individual bits but can’t put them all together yet. Just realised that I’m no longer coughing all the time! Maybe I am getting a smidge fitter after all!

  12. Kevsy

    20 burpees RX…. Hard on the lungs!!! Fatigue kicked in and hit hard!
    It’s in ye bank tho!! #happyboy

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