3 Rounds For Time:
50 DU
40 Ab-Mat Sit Ups
30 Med Ball Cleans 9/7kg
20 Pull Ups
10 Ring Dips

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  1. Terri

    18:52 rx ..my pull ups and ring dips are slowing me down

  2. LucyD

    19.55 (scaled down as usual!!)

  3. 20:00! Jumping ring dips!!! was hoping for a bit faster :( Pull ups incredibly slow…..lots and lots of work needed!!!!!!!!!!

  4. simmo

    Great sesh on-ramp tonight!!
    Happy with the figures after not deadlifting for 2.5 years!!

  5. 24.37 rx. ring dips ruined any chance of a decent time! first time ive rxd a wod with ring dips though so not all bad!

  6. Terri

    No Sean that was 24.37 not 26.37!

  7. 16:58 as rx

  8. Janie

    7th on ramp

    Skills – rope climb (could support myself in Spanish technique (? name correct)) – GHD stretch

    Heaviest deadlift – 90kg – absolutely bloody fab – these chunky monkey legs are good for something! Really pleased with myself

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