2012 Regional Workout 2

For Time
Row 2000m
50 Pistols
30 Hang Cleans 100kg/60kg

Many will need to scale this – it is a great way to appreciate the level the Regional competitors are at!!

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  1. Really enjoyed my early morning workout with my little bro!

    1000m row (bit of confusion with the prog)
    Pistols with a band
    Hang cleans @ 30kg (should def have gone 35)


  2. understandable that she was upset i couldnt be there with her at the regionals. too busy squatting 190 for 20. Sorry babe.

  3. 14:42 @ 70kg
    Only did 1000m row cos that’s what we were told to do!
    Pistols took forever to do – stupid things.

  4. Matthew

    My bad for the row – I wrote it as 1000m in the programming I gave to the coaches. Damn you sleep deprivation.

  5. Terri

    2 days, 2 WODs, thrusters+pistols=total quad DOMs… can it happen that quickly? Feels like I haven’t worked out properly in ages and it is great to be back!

    Hit today’s WOD with Lauren and Gaz L. at lunch today.
    15:26 @45kg and scaled pistols (2000m row)

    Was great to watch Lau throw it down at 60kg. Looking strong!

  6. flipflop

    19.10 ish banded pistols 60kg hpc

    Did 8.14 on the row which I’m chuffed with as I could never get it under 9 mins when I used to go to the gym
    Been a good week have been about 95 percent paleo which has definitely made a difference

  7. Great work by the ‘On Ramp’ gang tonight. Alot of hard work done by everyone. 2 weeks in and only 1 more left. Keep up the great work and remember, plenty of water this weekend, remember to stretch as shown in class and keep moving. You may be sore over the weekend after today but movement will help. See you all next week.

  8. bigal

    16.51 did airs instead of pistols and did 30 30 kg hang cleans the row was really hard but did all 2000 metres

  9. simmo

    Trying to get May on-rampers to use the blog, so i’ll make a start from tonight! Day 6 WOD – 5 rounds for time
    10 wall ball (9kg)
    7press ups

  10. Fieldy

    Open gym tonight did the main site wod with Caitlin and Carly
    3 rounds for time:
    50 double unders
    40 sit up’s
    30 med ball cleans
    20 pull up’s
    10 hspu’s (2 abmats)
    27:10 proper blower! (also pb on du’s in rd 3 32 unbroken! Ewwwshhh!

  11. Enjoyed this wod with Fieldy and Caitlin. Need to work on hspu without an ab mat…..can’t quite loose the ab mat!!!!Pull ups were very slow but they are coming!!!!!!! good lung burner!!!!!

    20.38. Wouldnt mind giving the regional 2 workout a go in the week!!!!!

  12. Janie

    6th on ramp

    Warm up – run 200m

    Skills – wall ball 4kg

    (10 wall ball, 7 press up) = 5.26

    Felt really knackered and completely out of gas at the end but fab that I didn’t finish last

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