What a difference, in this episode Gary talks about how his wife cannot keep her hands off him now due to his incredible transformation. If ever there was a reason to do CrossFit……


Behind The Neck Split Jerk 5×3
Front Squat 1 1/4 3×3

WOD Class


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  1. DmxRonin

    F****** Awesome Session Tonight!

    Behind head jerk

    Front Squat 1

    • Awesome work Des. Gutted I couldn’t make it tonight. Had one of the longest, heaviest days in work in the last ten years.
      Smashed it:)

  2. Two years ago the thought of what I have done today would have filled me with dread. Today was a 9 hour amrap of lifting and carrying shit!
    I f’in loved it!
    Crossfit can change the way you approach things. Just wish I’d found it sooner.

  3. gocalf

    thrusters were horrible, never felt so drained but chuffed when finished wrists battered.75kg-55(9)-65-40-60-30

  4. Live laugh love x

    Nice wod. Heaviest I’ve ever done, only done 25KG before.
    1RPM- 45 10@ 37.5
    2RPM- 42.5 20@ 32.5
    3RPM- 40 30@ 27

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