NorCal Regional oh my…..

AMRAP 20 Mins
5 OHS 60/40kg
10 GHD Sit Up
Row 500m

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  1. Guys just like to say sorry to the last heat of the 7:30 class who didn’t have any guidance through the WOD. At 7:15 a large bunch of youth rugby players and parents decided to walk in because they were bored of waiting for a class that hasn’t started yet (I wasn’t sure either) wont happen again! Sorry!

  2. Mrs Mush

    First time at OHS-lots of work to do! Managed 5 rounds in 20mins

    Hope the Rugby dudes were worked hard.

  3. Fieldy

    5 rds + 2 ohs @ 50kgs and abmat su’s

  4. Andy Burns

    5 rds + 1 squat @ 50kg. Back was playing up, so switched GHD’s for K2E after first round … Forearm burner!!

  5. 5 rounds, the ohs, ghds and 402m rx. Gutted not to get 6

  6. 5 rds + 5OHS+3GHD

    OHS @ 20kg (too light maybe) and 500m run instead of row.

    Great WOD but tricky to coordinate with so many numbers and limited rowers/GHDs. Felt for the 2nd round who had to have their time cut to 15 minutes too.

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