“Nasty Girls”

Here is the last time we hit this workout – about 11 months ago. The box is a little different now!

3 Rounds For Time:
50 Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans 60/40kg

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  1. Need to bring that shit back! Needs to be more cheering, More friendly competition and more support for people struggling!

    7:42 rx

  2. Matthew

    CC glad you said that!! Have to get it off my chest – I really get pissed off when people finish their workout and just walk off and sit down. Once you come around go and scream someone else through. That’s what makes us different to fitness first and all the other fake places. Magic is in the community – that’s you guys!!

  3. adamgriff


  4. 10.28 with jumping MU’s. Apparently not a million miles off a MU although it feels that way!

    Sorry CC refuse to condone cheering you on when you pussy’d out of your squats earlier! Especially given your shaking stevens tekkers.. Sorry mate, forgive me?

  5. DmxRonin


    35 seconds faster ( 2 more MUs per round) this time around. Turn outs coming along nicely (nearly all of them).

    Keep drilling the Muscle Up transition guys whenever you get a chance. You will never forget your first one, it usually catches you off guard by happening spontaneously while practising!

  6. I’ll cheer my fing lungs out for anyone. Nasty Girls 8:30 I think.

  7. scottdavey

    muscle up smashed me did the first 7 unbroken then could only do twos and ones slowed me down loads 13.05 rx

  8. flipflop

    Not sure what time I did in that video but it definitely wasn’t with 60 kg so chuffed to get through the workout tonight at that weight

    11. 24 scaled mu 60 kg hpc

  9. That’s fine Sean mate. As you can probably see when I train. Im in the zone. I see nothing and hear no one. Cheering me would have little effect. Use your precious voice on the rest of the members.

  10. Janie

    5th on ramp

    Skills – kettle 4kg – box jump 3x20kg

    Can’t find sticky with reps and time – kettle not bad – got the technique but the box jumps killed me – thought I’d be there for days completing reps but got it done in reasonable time

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