275lb Snatch and he’s not even wearing lifting shoes…..Could we be seeing the first x2 winner of the CrossFit Games?

Check out the whiteboard at the box , Sean the RCFV Culture Secretary is trying to organise a night out. Sign up or give him some feedback. Thanks.

For Time:
Run 1500m
60 Wallball 9/7kg
30 Pull Ups

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  1. Andy Burns

    This guy is a machine … He reminds me of me a bit. ha ha!!

    15.23RX – Didn’t feel good today coming off a bit of man flu

  2. 13:35rx

    Got a severe spanking from this today. Took me back to my teenage years, wretching like a dog after a bottle of White Lightning. Did PB on the run though which is a bit of a bonus. Last time 7:16 this time 6:50

  3. gocalf

    13:40 (jumping pull ups)

  4. Fieldy

    13:21 rx great wod to blow out the cobwebs from the weekend!

  5. Mrs Mush

    Struggled like hell on this tonight after a week of being ill. Enough of talking like a girl, had some good wall ball pointers and will be fighting fit on wed. Didn’t clock the time (thought I was gonna spew) but I think it was around the 14min mark. Will do better next time…

  6. 11.08rx. should have manned up on the wall ball and
    got them done in 2 sets. broke the second set with 8 left.. pussy

  7. flipflop

    15.58 rx running sucks

  8. 11:13 Rx
    Still struggling to find my mojo but getting there!

  9. scottdavey

    10.49 as rx feeling stronger this week last week was a bad one

  10. This was the most satisfying workout for me the whole time Ive been coming to crossfit…….I managed kipping pull ups!!!! Yeay!!! Granted they took me forever and had to brek them into 3’s then 2’s but I did it!!!! 3 weeks ago I was still moaning how I couldn’t do them, then I was doing 1 at a time but they would all have certainly been no reps….now there is a bit of shape coming to them!!!!! it feels amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. pembsboy

    Lynne & I scaled ( 2 laps and jumping pull ups) but I managed 11.38 and Lynne 10.34. Pushed ourselves to finish, felt good after

  12. pembsboy

    Forgot to mention – Mrs Evans doesn’t do running !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Janie

    4th on ramp

    Warm up – row 300m

    Skills – front press squat, jerk pull up (with straps and still couldn’t do it)

    8 min AMRAMP – pull ups and run 200m = 3 rounds and 70m

    Felt f*@”^’g awful at the end of it – the worst so far! It’s the running that kills me every time!

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