AMRAP 4 Mins
15ft Rope Ascent

AMRAP 4 Mins
Push Jerk 60/40kg

AMRAP 4 Mins
GHD Back Extension

At the end of the session spend some time on mobility – get into the couch stretch and roll.

Post reps for each AMRAP and if you entered the pain cave or not to comments.


  1. Great work in the class this morning…everyone really worked hard. Poor Hannah in the 12pm class had to do it all by herself but got stuck in. See you all tomorrow.

  2. Terri

    Enter the pain cave I did! Especially on those back extensions. Yikes.
    Quite enjoyed doing rope climbs fresh. Warmed up @ 35kg on push jerks, but the back wasn’t happy so stuck to 30kg.


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