This weekend is the Central Regional with none other than Rich Froning Jr and Dan Baily going head to head. Dan Bailey hitting a 1.35 Diane SHIT.THE.BED :

Hope you have been following “Killing the Fat Man” check out episode 8 you will be amazed at his transformation – he even gets his dad (who has had a triple heart bypass to start CrossFit!!) Anyone out there who reads this blog still think they cannot CrossFit??

3 Rounds For Time:

5 Clean 100/70kg
20 Wallball 9/7kg

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  1. Linked to laptop to the tele last night and watched event 2 of the regionals. Froning, Holmberg and Bailey going head to head. 2000m row, 50 pistols, 30 cleans @100kg. Froning gets a world record taking Matt Chans title. Watch it!!!!

    Episode 8. What a transformation, what a series.

  2. watch that video and count dan b’s first round of hspu, how many did he do?

  3. gocalf

    5:30 60kg cleans, gonna watch the regionals now thought chris spealler’s 1:52 was good 1:35 wtf? have been recommending killing the fat man to all my mates who don’t know what crossfit is to try and get across the addictiveness of it.

  4. Terri

    Really enjoyed today.
    150 in the 2 min double under test.
    Wod 6:50 @ 50kg…..first time lifting more than 40kg since hurting my back….first time using that much weight in a wod..happy days.

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