We are in need of another get together / night out. We still have not had our “Change to Reebok CrossFit Velocity” party yet and we also have a lot of new members and so it would be great for everyone to all have a few beers together. Nick and I are getting increasingly busy trying to manage the box alongside the day jobs. So we would like to take some of the strain off by having some of you guys fulfill a few roles for us. We would like someone to be our social secretary and plan all going’s on outside the box – think meals, beers, BBQ, fancy dress WODS, paddle boarding, paintball etc etc.
We would also like someone to be “member liaison” and basically bring anything to us that you (the members) would like us to consider e.g CC cleaning better, outdoor WOD once a month etc

If you would like to do either of these email me matthew@cfvelocity.com

Errrrr to help you with your O-Lifts…..honest:

5X3 SNATCH @ 75%

WOD Class
Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3
3X3 Strict Pull up followed by max reps kipping PU

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  1. Andy Burns

    Worked at 50 for the Olly class. Struggled a bit at the bottom of the catch.

    Back squat went light to focus on my knees: 70; 80; 85; 70; 80

    Pull ups: 10; 8; 10

    Got my muscle up back too – very happy with that!!

  2. gocalf

    100-100-100-100-100 pull ups 3,4,4

  3. 70-80-85-90 (at this point Matt told me I needed to go a touch lower) I do 90 again and then increased to 92.5 X 3 (PB)

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