CrossFit Kids is backing the ISR. This is probably one of the best infant swimming programmes I have seen. Basically designed to “drown proof” your children by teaching them how to right themselves so they can breathe or shout for help. I wish they would bring this to the UK.

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Phil enjoy your birthday Nando’s and the crew that are heading there with you after class make sure you do RCFV proud and eat LOTS and go HOT!!
For Time:
Power Clean 50/35kg

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  1. Lunchtime WOD for me. 8.01 rx.

  2. wod as rx 6:57

  3. 8:56. Got smashed by the lads today. I’ll let them have that rare victory.

  4. Fieldy

    8:51 @ 40kgs cleans were great thrusters hurt!
    Blower! Great workout though, proper sweat on!

  5. flipflop

    Enjoyed that my kind of wod
    9. 48 rx

  6. 9.10 @40kg

  7. I found that really quite tough, I was even sweating! Feel good for it though

    10:13 @ 25kg

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