On the Minute For 12 Minutes:
Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean

Complex must be unbroken. Go as heavy as possible maintaining good mechanics.

Post loads for each minute to comments


  1. Leights

    70kg for the first eight I think , then 75 kg for last four. Thanks to Si for the coaching on the shrug on the middle rounds , certainly helped on the hang clean.

    Then pb’d Annie .

    That’s Fran, Helen, Nancy and Annie pb’d in the last fortnight ! BOOM !

  2. Went 80kg all the way and felt decent. still ride the squats down abit i think tho

  3. Andy Burns

    60kg – failed 2 by not getting the shrug and falling forward. Squat strength seriously lets me down

  4. 75kg all rounds, about 10kg too light probs. SORRY to everyone for how grumpy I was, poor results of late and feeling a bit off the pace don’t make me too happy. I was snappy with people I shouldn’t have been.

  5. went from 55 and moved up to 60 back still isnt 100% so didn’t wanna go too heavy. Nice workout to work on my GOAT though, really got that shrug going and am suffering with shrug shoulders today.

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