Been working daily with the programmers of the app.
They believe the app is now working 100%. I still cannot get it to work on my iPhone. I get a push notification everytime a post is made and can view the post and comments. But if I try to log in an comment the app crashes and I then have to delete the app and reinstall it before I see the posts again.
Can I ask you all to delete your app and reinstall it (you don’t get charged)then try and comment on a post and let me know via email what happens so I can forward to the programmers so they know it’s not just me. Thanks for your help!!


  1. Just tried to leave a comment via the Ap. Got as far as pressing Send and it kicked me out and wouldn’t let me back in.
    Must be so frustrating. I hate ‘puters!

  2. Same happened to me…pushed send then I was out

  3. Same happened with me. Booted out at the point of pressing send

  4. And now I can,t get back in at all

  5. DmxRonin

    Me too Matt. I have always had this problem and never posted via the app (FYI).

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