Tommy V

21 Thrusters 50kg

12 15ft Rope Climbs

15 Thrusters

9 Rope Climbs

9 Thrusters

6 Rope Climbs


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  1. Mrs Mush

    Heroes WOD indeed… , I managed 21-15-9 thrusters at17kg(just about) and 5-3-1 rope climbs to 10ft. arms on fire! Plus I found out that rope climbs mean I get to wear funky socks. Woo hoo! Result :-)

  2. Clocked 12.10 with some serious scaling…… 30kg thrusters, 21, 15, 9 and rope pull ups from back on the floor, 5 reps each round after failing dismally on the climbs! Tried again after completing the WOD with my other foot forward – better…. Just need to conquer my vertigo now, an extra fish oil may help?

  3. First workout in a while doing legit movements due to on-going back issues

    Scaled thrusters to 25kg
    rope climb 6-6-15..was going for 6-6-6, but when I finished that last 6 and saw Gi and Si going for it, I was inspired to get the full 27 in……next time (back willing) rx’d!

    Got some lovely bruises coming through already

  4. Um, did 15 climbs on round one, never mind. Tommy V rx 25:07. Jaffa is a machine with his time and nice to see him back.

  5. flipflop

    22.40 50kg thrusters

    4 ish – 2 – 1/2. Couldn’t get up the rope in the last round my forearms had totally blown so couldn’t grip the rope, will do better next time :-)

    Wish I could climb like daf he makes it look so bloody easy

  6. 23:15 Rx
    Tommy V turned me right over.

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