Skill – Hand transition and empty bar split jerk
Shankle Complex x 5 add 2.5-5kg from last time

KB Swings 32/24

Post time for WOD ands loads for O-Class to comments


  1. enjoyed tonight good to see what goes on in olympic lift class caught tail end coming in for 6:30 wod. 6:12 time (24kg KB)

  2. Andy Burns

    Olly class was awesome, bit too technical – 50kg on the Shankle complex working on technique. 6.26 @ 28kg on the WOD … I think my time last year was 9 sumthin with 24kg, so I’ll take that.

    As much as I hate saying it … Good work Fieldy!!

  3. been doing mostly open box slots for a few weeks so forgotten how good the coaching is. Thanks Matt. Never done Shankle complex before and found 80kg fine BUT need to swallow ego, go light, get good technique before going heavy. Great meeting the new crew tonight.

  4. 5:53 rx (was called Freddy Kruger I think last time)
    Well chuffed with that! Did 6:11 last year so knew I needed to go at it to beat my time! Cheers Matt and Andy for shouting me through it!
    Nice one Burnsey much appreciated! You worked hard to to upthe weight and bring down the time from last time we did it! Top effort!

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