The newest addition to the box is complete – the jerk boxes will arrive on Thursday!! Then we will all be jerking like Donny!

Happy birthday to Kelly! Birthday Fran??

If anyone wants to test their fitness and apply CrossFit to a “real world” setting then I would love some help on Friday moving house. I promise coffee and beer in that order. If you can 100% help out let me know in comments. 3-2-1 move!!

3 Rounds For Time:
500 Meter Row
12 Bodyweight Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps, 20″

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  1. 12:29 @ 80kg deadlift, first proper crossfit workout. loved it!!

  2. TomColl

    Jerk boxes!!
    Can’t wait to break them in Friday!

  3. scottdavey

    10.32 rx really enjoyed that one

  4. flipflop

    12.21 @ 80 kg

  5. 13:50 @ 80kgs

    After the wod I did some du practice to kill my goat! Got to do 20 unbroken du’s by mid May. Got a couple of 10s 12s and a 13 so feel it’s coming slowly! Any pointers greatly appreciated! Eg keeping cool! Relax! Getting there!

  6. 14.38 @ 45kgs.

    A real lung and leg burner, still feeling stiff from mondays WOD. Thanks CC for keeping me going

  7. cant help with the move Matt, sorry. like the look of those boxes, reckon we could do a ton of different stuff with them!

  8. pembsboy

    Crossfit training came in useful for the Matt move – all 14 hours of it – I saw the coffee but not the beer !!!

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