The PB board is filling up nicely for April!! It is interesting to see the goat board – so many of you have highlighted goats to work on which is good. But think a little harder when selecting a goat, lots of you have dived straight in with wanting to improve sexy movements like muscle ups or toes to bar. When a very large percentage of you need to spend time getting a better air squat. This simple humble little movement when worked, practiced and performed well will lead to improvements in other areas you would not believe!!

1 Power clean 70/40kg on the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third…..continue for 15 minutes.  If you are unable to complete the prescribed reps inside of the minute start back at 1 and continue up the ladder again.

Post progress up the ladder to comments


  1. flipflop

    12 rnds 12 reps 60 kg

    Enjoyed that hope to get through the 13’s when we do it again

  2. pembsboy

    Milestone – First WOD completed !! Hadn’t done powercleans before but managed 11 full rounds at 25KG and then had to start again, but managed 13 reps in last minute. Lynne did 10 at 12kg and 13 reps in last minute. Not bad for 2 old farts……….
    Alan did full set – good work by him

  3. DmxRonin

    Running late so had to do this one at home which really sucked in the rain.

    Completed 8th round, failed 9th & 15th as well. Rx.
    Still can’t feel my thumbs!

  4. Andy Burns

    9th round on 70kg … 11’s the goal next time with better technique

  5. Matthew

    Des RX is 70kg and all 15 minutes!! Too many bit off more than they could chew with this one tonight. The aim was to get all 109 reps which was the stimulus I was after and so the load should have been one that allowed you to achieve this.

  6. Great to see some more masters crossfitters tonight, age is no barrier to keeping fit.
    Enjoyed tonight, good vibes in the box as we all pushed ourselves to complete 15 rounds.

    managed 11 rounds @ 25Kgs very happy with this as it was the last Pb I set on power cleans. Need to start pushing myself on stength work to get to the next level.

  7. TomColl

    11 rounds at 70kg (bodyweight)

  8. Too heavy for me at 60kg only got up to 7 rounds then back up to 6 will aim to do this properly at 60k next time or RX

    did enjoy Chizzy dancing though and his first rep of 20kg one side and 15kg the other :)

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