Sorry for the late post but we are moving house this week and have had the internet disconnected and so I have to be at the box to get some WIFI.

Update on the App saga:
There are some very clever people looking into why our app is not working (whatever is causing the problem they have never come across it before). I had an email last night to say they think they have found a solution and they are hopeful in a few days the programmers will provide a update that will fix the issue once and for all. It is a shame it has not worked correctly yet – but once it does you will get push notifications for any posts and also you will be able to “login” using the same username and password you use to leave comments on the blog to comment via the app.

Killing The Fat Man Part 3:

Good fun this morning with a little team WOD:

In teams of 4.
3 rounds for time of:
250 Double-Unders
50 Pistols (25l/25r – apportion in any order, but team must complete 25 on left & 25 on right)

Rules: Teams may break up the reps in any way. There is no limit to how many or how few reps an individual may perform.

Post time to comments.


  1. Great for me this morning coming straight from the on-ramp to a team wod helped me get to know some names felt I had to be carried a bit by other team members but am still aching afterwards. impressive to see dave string together about 70-80 double unders consistently to push team towards goal. team was dave,john,ian and me 25:33.(not sure whether to post eamt times or not but best to err on the safe side and not incur burpies:)

  2. sorry team not “eamt” obviously

  3. DmxRonin

    Team Dewi, myself, Scott and Andy.

    Fun warm up even though the heavens opened as we ventured out!

    I think Terri needs to read the rules again 😉
    Only joking! Glad the limit was put on by round 3 as my calves are in disrepair now from heavy overuse.

    PB’d with a 7ft handstand walk after (+4ft PB). Been watching the progressions that I know Frew used, well worth a look:

  4. Hey DMX, trainers rights to change the rules when the double under ninja is on a team……those poor boys looked too bored while you were having all the fun.
    Excellent effort by all today, especially team DMX who didn’t whinge at all :) about going out for warm up in the deluge.

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