Last nights O-class was insane!! 17 were there and we hit a number of PB’s – 7 Clean and Jerk PB’s and 2 Snatch PB’s = one happy coach!!
I would love to see you post your PB’s to comments and also all over social media – Twitter, Facebook etc let people know what you do here!!

Today is the 9th and final session for the April On Rampers they have been an awesome bunch and have really progessed in the last 3 weeks. Today they will redo the first workout they did in the first On Ramp session. I know there will be improvments PLEASE POST TO COMMENTS I WANT TO KNOW!! There will be 14 new members next week so please make them all feel welcome and introduce yourselves when you see a new face.

Here is part 2 of Killing The Fat Man:

AMRAP 20 Mins
On the minute
Even minute 6 Power Cleans 60/40kg
Odd Minute 30 DU
If you cannot continue to do the work on the minute continue to complete as many rounds as you can in the 20mins.

Post number of minutes reached before changing to rounds if not completed RX


  1. Final on-ramp tonight and even though I have missed a few have really enjoyed and can’t wait to get stuck into the WOD classes.well chuffed with my time tonight 4:35 when in the first week I did 6:35. The on-rampers have been a great bunch and look forward to seeing you guys in the classes.

  2. Congratulations to everyone on the On Ramp today. It was a great session this evening with everyone going all out to beat their time. I look forward to seeing you all again during the WOD classes next week and in the future. Great work everyone!!!

  3. pembsboy

    Can’t believe how quick the 3 weeks has gone. Great bunch of fellow on rampers who were keen to learn and help each other. Lynne and I improved our time from the first week by over 3 minutes each ( which shows how crap we were !! )Looking forward to continuing the journey

  4. Live laugh love x

    Wicked wod, really enjoyed. Got all double unders, mirales do happen. Completed, 35kg for cleans should of gone to 40kg. Was completing 6 reps throughout 20 mins in 28 seconds every other min. Double unders all completed under 30 seconds every other min. Nice feeling to finally get the double unders in a wod :-)

  5. Loved that wod:) nice change from Amraps and for time!Congratulations to all the on rampers and a special congratulations to my mum and dad who kicked butt tonight by smashing there times by 3 minutes! I am looking forward to seeing you all in the box next week:)

  6. Mrs Mush

    Final On Ramp tonight, cannot believe how much time I managed to shave off, 4:14 tonight compared to 5:56 only 3 weeks ago….. Couldn’t have done it without the coaching and encouragement from Matthew, Terri, Nick and Frew. Also not forgetting my fellow On Rampers!

    Begs is doing my head in, he’s still singing ‘You can’t get fitter than a Crossfit fitter…..’ (to the tune of the Kwik Fit adverts…) He always did love the 80’s!!

  7. Last On Ramp, shaved more than 2mins off my time – 5:56 down to 3:42 thanks to a top coaching tip from Terri on the jumping pull-ups. Enjoyed the last 3 weeks with a great bunch of people, great coaching and advice from all the team. The gym has had its day, the future is Crossfit…(oh, and fish oil which is repeating on me at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it and they’ll help with my “Kipper” Pull Ups…..). Sorry, my jokes are roe-full….

  8. Congratulations to all of you amazing on-rampers. It was a treat watching you all catch the CrossFit bug. The competitive juices were definitely flowing last night as you all smashed your previous times. See you all next week.

  9. adamgriff

    4.51 down from 6.09 :)

    Begs, I hope you won’t be fishing for laughs for those jokes…..

  10. Whoop On Ramp finished!!!! Good Final session with progress on the Kipping Pullups and Jumping Pullups (although will be using a box for a while yet!!). Cant wait to do my first WOD next week (be in the the morning sessions as on nights). See you all soon!!!!

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