It’s nearly BBQ season and we plan to try and get a monthly Box BBQ going. It will be a great way to welcome each months On Rampers. Basically we will do a workout then drink beer (stink and drink) and eat meat. Here is a little video to get you in the mood for BBQ’s (as if you need to!!)

The April On Rampers are making great progress and only have 2 sessions left before the 14 of them join the WOD classes. Yesterday saw them learn a ton of skills and also establish a 1 RM deadlift – we even saw a 200kg deadlift!

5 Rounds For Time:
Overhead walking barbell lunge 50ft
21 Burpees

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  1. 12.47 rx in the 7a.m dont ask me why i was there at 7!

  2. Matt, very strange video. Why were you searching ‘rubs’ anyway?
    However, BBQ’s are key. We can even invite that strange man to come and rub our meat…

  3. DmxRonin

    I was still half-asleep when we started, a disgusting WOD to wake up in the middle of. I was like bambi on ice.

  4. G-Skins

    11:03 RX

  5. Wod as rx 9:36. Leggy that one.

  6. Leights

    Work wod for me 1000m row – 100 burpees – 1000m row. 17.20

    Sean , why were you there at 7 ?

  7. 11:32 Rx
    A week in Scotland just spanked my ass!

  8. flipflop

    12.48 ouch going to feel that in the morning

  9. pembsboy

    On Ramp 8 – one to go !! 7MBC 7 K2E X 10 mins. John 7 rounds ,Lynne 6 – both scaled. Stomach muscles aching in morning !!

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