For Time:
Front Squat 60/40kg

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  1. 5:03 rx, couldn’t beat the squating sensation that is Simone

  2. Didn’t intend on training twice but ..
    cycled up for the 9am open gym and did Amanda@40kg-10:04 then 5:30 class WOD(double weakness combo!)-10:24rx

  3. on-ramp 7 1 rep max DL 130kg, good to learn all the rope climbing,ghd,abmat stuff tonight

  4. flipflop

    10.06 60kg some with some form if ttb

    cheers to Gi for shouting me through it found that very tough tonight

  5. You are too kind CC, your ttb must have been ├╝ber fast. Wow, some good numbers from the on ramp guys, looking forward to training with you.

  6. c fender

    13.32 RX 60 k got heavy fast and toes to bar were painfully slow, all considered another toughy,

  7. G-Skins

    7:44 RX 60kg was more comfortable than expected. Prob change my mind when I wake up in the morning no doubt!

  8. 10:21 rx hamstrings stretched to the max! Cheers Gskins for the support.
    Enjoyed watching the on ramp training, looking good great to see so many new members.

  9. TomColl

    5.20 RX
    I like squatting

  10. Live laugh love x

    8:34 35kg

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