WFT??? Only a few comments from the last few days WOD’s? Are you all suffering a Easter Egg hangover?

Skill – Burgener Warm up
OH Squat 5-3-1
Snatch Pull 3×3 at +10% 1RM

Burpee Box Jump 30in / 24in

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  1. Andy Burns

    WOD 24″ box 9:19 … Burpees of any kind suck!!

  2. Leights

    Wod . . . . 7.59 rx

    OHS . . . . 60kg 65kg 67.5kg

    Snatch Pull 60kg

  3. Heads up, if you eat paleo go get this months sainsburys magazine, some ok recipes in there, I got it for the non paleo chocolate cake recipe

  4. Another great O-lifting class despite my inability to shift any weight. I highly recommend the class to anyone looking to improve their lifts. I figure by the time I am able to lift weight again my technique will be so amazing I will be destroying my pb’s. :)

    Haven’t been posting due to injury and inability to do wods as posted but there are always things you can do whilst injured especially with all of our new open gym times:

    Today’s – 10 muscle ups on a minute for 10 minutes then 5 more

  5. ..that should read one on a minute for 10 minutes…next goal would be 10 on a minute :p

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