Some row tips:

For Time:
Row 10km as a team of 3 changing every 250m.

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  1. Andy Burns

    That’s funny … This is the box that Betsy’s sister trains at!!

  2. Highly recommend cycling to the box when the weather is like this!
    Started with some snatch balance 3-3-3-3-3, 30-40-50-50-50
    Then hand stand walks, managed ~2.5 mats twice
    Finally hit the row with Rob and Ismail – 42:51.7

  3. DmxRonin

    34:31 with Big Bev & G-Skins. The last 5k was brutal.

    3 foot handstand walk in open gym, sad but nevertheless a PB!

  4. pembsboy

    On Ramp WOD 5 21 15 9 k bell swings and box jumps. Both of us broke 5 mins – really chuffed. Lynne 4.59 John 4.46. Glad we are sticking at it

  5. Team Sean, Will T and Will R – 31:10 rx

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