Terri has mentioned that she may like to start a CF Endurance class on a Sunday (why any of you lunatic’s would want to work longer than 12mins beats me). It would be incredible to be coached by someone like Terri who is an ex professional triathlete and has accomplished a ton in the sport. Post to comments if you would be interested and I will start organising some lycra onesie’s!!

Terri’s world:

Back Squat

Find heaviest single, then heaviest set of 20, then single again and then heaviest set of 10.  Yes, weights will go down on the single, but may go up from the set of 20 to the set of 10. Again only attempt the singles 3 times and the 20/10 twice. This session should take most of the class once you have warmed up etc. Once finished spend some time with a foam roller, barbell rolling and stretching – you may need your legs tomorrow!

Post loads to comments


  1. I think I would enjoy crossfit endurance, depending on what was involved.
    I am definitely interested in the Lycra Onesie’s.

  2. if I can get there, ill definitely be up for some endurance stuff!

  3. Live laugh love x

    Definitely up for it! Count me in

  4. I’m up for it Terri:)def need it!
    Enjoyed today’s wod def my kind of Wod :)
    95kg /pb:) 65 / 20 92.5 /65/10

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