Any family Guy fans? This is the first film from the creators – looks AWESOME!!

A} Deadlift 20 Rep Max – You cannot let go of the bar and the reps must be touch and go (no bouncing). Only allow yourself 2 attempts. If you do not reach 20 reps just record the reps you got at that load.
B} AMRAP 8 Mins:
8 Press Ups
10 Med Ball Cleans 9/7kg
12 AbMat Sit Ups

Post load and rounds to comments


  1. any film with Mila Kunis is worth watching haha
    100kg for the Deads then 7 rnds 1su for the metcon

  2. DmxRonin

    120kg Deadlifts (57% 1RM)

    8 Rounds + 8 Press Ups.

    Off to the Cotswolds for few days, hoping to hit some crazy Outdoor WODs between the drinking and gorging on Cadburys. Happy Easter Everyone.

  3. Ok so maybe I am lame and need to get a life, but I just watched the trailer twice (showed it to Kyle) It’s even funnier the second time.

    Fun times with Frew and the On-rampers this morning.

  4. flipflop

    105 kg dl

    7rnds 1 mbc

    good way to start the day

  5. gocalf

    11:05 on-ramp 3 ross and I. lovin crossfit 😉

  6. d/l 80kg
    7 rounds 2 mbc
    Then joined in with the on ramp group :) great to see so many people coming through:)

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