WOW – we are excited!! 14 people started on our On Ramp yesterday at various times. My 7:30pm crew were a cool bunch and moved well – Ross is the only one who will not get burpees as he has posted his time to comments!!
On that topic around 40 of you did the Row WOD yesterday and there are only a few comments, whats up with that? MEASURABLE OBSERVABLE REPEATABLE!! I hope that if you did not post to comments you have at least recorded your times in diary / app.

Megan from our CF Kids class eating well and setting a great example!

Bit of advanced notice for Easter weekend opening hours guys.

Good Friday 6th April – 09:00am Open Gym and 10:00am WOD Class

Easter Saturday 7th April – 09:00am Open Gym and 10:00am WOD Class

Easter Sunday 8th April – 10:00am CrossFit Kids and 11:00am WOD Class

Easter Monday 9th April – 10:00am Open Gym / On Ramp and 11:00am WOD Class


Squat Clean 60/40kg
Ring Dips

Post time to comments

Some notes on the ring dips:
Do not use bands for the workout as a scale for the dips (or in pull up WODS). Bands are fine outside of a workout when doing skill / assistance work, but in a WOD they can be a little dangerous as you rush to get in and out of them. I also think that they make the movement too easy as many of you bounce like a yo-yo. Instead if you have a ring dip speak to a coach to select a scaled but challenging number of reps that will keep your power output high. Or if you do not have a ring dip work a jumping ring dip. Your aim should be to finish in under 10mins. Enjoy and KEEP MOVING!!


  1. 10:30 @ 25kg with a red band (didn’t see this before sorry)

    Harder than i thought it was going to be…

  2. 7.47 cleans rx ring dips scaled number of reps 8/6/4

  3. 8:44 @40kg. Could’ve done 50 but scaling would’ve taken me over 10 mins for sure. Ring dips felt good. Good to see my faults by video. Need to work on these in Oly Class.

  4. scottdavey

    9:42 @50kg felt pretty strong

  5. First on ramp session yesterday with Jo “Mrs Mush” Morgan. Two words, Ore Sum! Time was 5.58. Can’t wait to get stuck in again tonight. Cheers Matt.

  6. Mrs Mush

    5:58 for the On Ramp last night, feeling good but sure it’s gonna hit tomorrow. Round 2 later…

  7. pembsboy

    2nd Ramp WOD 10-1 deadlift push press. John 5.55 30kg DL 5kg PP Lynne 7.30 12kg DL 5kg PP

  8. 12:35rx, knew the squat would be hard but wow =|! with hindsight would have gone with 50 or 55..

  9. DmxRonin

    7:23 60kg Hang Power Cleans, mainly due to fact that I was still half asleep this morning (worked on hang to improve positioning

  10. TestosteR0SS

    2nd ”On Ramp” WOD time: 7.23 focusing on technique, deadlift was ok, push press needs a little work.
    Also tried out yesterdays WOD, gave it a bash at the gym (Row 500m x 5 – Resting exactly 3 mins between intervals.) : 1.47.8 1.47.3 1.48.5 1.50.1 1.50.2

  11. Live laugh love x

    10:57 slow but completed @ 35kg

  12. Leights

    11.40 rx

    Was happy with that until Terri showed me my technique !!!

  13. gocalf

    2nd on ramp 10:1 dl 50kg pp10kg 6:22

  14. Andy Burns

    Tonight hurt – I don’t think last night helped at all … 10.01 or 10.03 50kg and 9 – 6 – 3

    Loving crossfit at the moment!!

  15. Mrs Mush

    2nd On Ramp -dead lifts 10kg & push press 10kg 10:1 time5:56. Feel the burn baby!

  16. 2nd on ramp, 10:1 Deadlift 40kg Push press 20kg 6mins 50 secs. May need to scale Deadlift down and focus on technique, got a lower back recurring pain and a bit sore. Will keep stretching and working at it until I can smash them out…….

  17. Nice to see all the comments tonight.
    Hard set as usual. The girls always have a sting in their tail and Elizabeth was no exeption. The squats were really difficult, legs still like jelly.

    10.57 started on 25kgs dropped to 20kgs. Rings dips improving since dropped using the bands.

  18. G-Skins

    10:50 @ 50kg & 12-9-6 dips

  19. On Ramp Day 2…. Deadlifts 10:1 10 kgs 6.05 – cant wait to improve!

  20. TomColl

    9.53 Rx
    wouldn’t have been able to push any harder

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