Remember the 5:30pm class on Thursdays is now a dedicated Olympic Lifting class – only show up if you want to work on your Oly lifts. The WOD class is at 6:30pm

Oly Class:

{1} Burgener Warm up
{2} Overhead Squat @75% 3×3
{3} Heaving Snatch Balance 3×3 – Keep light – work speed.
{4} High Hang Snatch 3×3 – Keep light – work speed.

WOD Class:

Run 400m
21 Wall Ball 9/7kg
21 Box Jumps 24/20in
Run 400m
Run 400m

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  1. Andy Burns

    Good result for me … Runs weren’t quick but WOD unbroken(ish) – 12.35

  2. loved the oly class, looking forward to next weeks!
    60(3-3-3)oh sqt
    used the bar for the oly practice

    hit the metcon hard! then crashed and burned haha 10:50rx

  3. 11:30 rx good atmosphere in the gym tonight. Looking forward to the summer rcfv bbq’s.
    Burnsey can’t believe you beat me by 1point in the open! Haha going to get Des to do a recount! Haha!

  4. Really enjoyed the Oly class tonight. Nice to work solely on technique without having to think about adding weight. 60 kg OHS for 3. Found faults with my footwork on snatch so something to work on. Used 20kg bar for the snatch balance but soon went back to PVC to hone in the skills.

    Practicing Handstands now and handstand walks. Gettin ever closer to a freestanding handstand.

  5. Also really enjoyed the Oly class tonight. Bit of a back injury at the moment means lots of time to work on technique. No excuses.

    Did Thursday’s metcon in Friday am class due to back issues
    8:45 with box step up/downs – thought they would be much slower but think not jumping saves the legs for the runs.

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