I have eased off the nutrition side of things and just given advice to anyone who has asked. This piece from CFHQ is a perfect summary of some key concepts – only 5 mins long SO WATCH IT! It ties in perfectly with the 1 monthly nutrition class that we are rolling out.

Perform 1 Deadlift 100/70kg 1 HSPU in minute 1
Perform 2 Deadlifts 2 HSPU in minute 2
etc etc
Continue until you can no longer perform the required number of reps for that minute.

Post reps to comments


  1. DmxRonin

    Came in late so it made sense going rx on HSPUs (plates & AbMat)

    5 Deads + 4 Kipping HSPUs.

    Afterwards with some coaching from CC, did 11 Kipping HSPUs with just an AbMat in a row, PB!

  2. bad one for me, deads are not strong…
    8rnds 9deads 4hspus rx

  3. round 11 as rx, all the deads and 7 hspu. kipped one hspu cause lost balance. snowboarding anyone? See ya in a bit now.

  4. 10 rounds + 11 DL. Rx.

  5. Andy Burns

    8 & 1HSPU (1 plate and Abmat) … couldn’t get back on the wall

    410m on the row

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