{A} Establish a 3RM “touch and go” Power Clean
{B} Death by 10m – run 10m in minute 1, 20m in minute 2 etc continue until you can no longer perform the number of shuttles for that minute.

Post load and shuttles to comments


  1. Did the 3 reps at 40kg and managed 2 at 42.5kg. Pleased with that considering my 1RPM from a few weeks ago was 37.5kg.

    Didn’t have time to do the runs..damn work.

    5 in 5 and some war wounds from the rope…time for a rest day tomorrow I think.

  2. 85kg x 3
    Failed 95kg thanks to a lack of maths skills by myself and Frew.
    17 rds + 16 shuttles.

  3. come home and its been some of the hottest days this year ANND the surf has been pumping = seriously happy tom
    80 for 3 (pb)then
    90 for 1 (also pb)
    16 rnds 16 shuttless

  4. Andy Burns

    90kg x 3 (1RM) … It wasn’t pretty though!!

    14 & 14 shuttles

  5. 90kg x 3. 18 shuttles, 17 reps

  6. 95kg x 3 new 3rm pb, then finally got 100kg for 1! Happy with that.

    17 shuttles, 16 reps.

    Cheers matt for the clean tips the other week, and jaff for telling me to use the hook grip last night!

  7. 70kg for the 3. Havin serious troubles with the hand I broke a few years back. Runs felt better than I thought. Got to 16 shuttles but couldn’t finish the 17. Nice to be outside.

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