The iPhone app is now 100% working again since the whole loss of website drama!! Version 1.2 of the app is available now in the itunes store.  You will need to update your current version.

Today’s WOD is 12.5 – make sure you go out on a bang.  Once again there is debate over the loads for us Europeans – For the guys 100lb is exactly equal to 45.35942kg.  The general line from HQ is that loading is to be equal or above – however I have also seen some state that our 20kg bars are classed as 45lb even though they weigh 44.1lbs and so when adding 10kg plates and 2.5kg plates x4 it equals 100.11lbs.  Jaffa set the standard by hitting it at 47.5kg – we will let you decide but don’t com;lain if you have to do it again;)

If you watch the video Neil Maddox is wearing gloves – but under the open rules they and grips are not allowed be interesting to see if this score is accepted??

Post reps to comments – and let me know if the app is working ok.


  1. Neal wore the gloves in WOD 12-4 too. That score stands……..

  2. Can somebody please judge me on Sunday. In las Vegas so unavailable till sat evening but may need a rest. Ta. Lau

  3. I’ll be there Sunday so can judge you if you like. No worries.

  4. DmxRonin

    The app hates me :( Keeps kicking me off. I’ve tried several times deleting and reinstalling but to no avail. It intially works, I can login and then all of a sudden it just force closes repeatedly. Perhaps it could be because i’m logged on to WordPress on the website via safari, will try again

    • DmxRonin

      Okay it seems to be only once I log in otherwise it works fine, accepts details and then crashes on main or comment screen.

      76 Reps for 12.5.
      I need to practise, and learn to co-exist with thrusters. We have some serious psychological pre-judgements about each other (they hide behind the functionality banner but are w***) that need to be overcome. Perhaps a group therapy session is in order…..

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