12.5 – Please watch this and make sure you are clear with the standards.

There will be no O-Lifting class at 5:30pm due to a parents evening!!
Both 5:30 and 6:30pm classes will be WOD classes today.

For Time:
50 Double Unders
50 Ab Mat Sit Ups
Run 200m with a 10/5kg plate in each hand – pinch grip.
40/40 200m
30/30 200m
20/20 200m
10/10 200m

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  1. c fender

    15.58 RX nice to be outside with the run

  2. DmxRonin


    Thank you for all the support, gutted that last night’s fight was
    cancelled. Not sure whether I will have another one now, but will let you all posted.

  3. DmxRonin


  4. 17:05 Grip killer!! Rx. Sweaty but GOOOOOD!!

  5. c fender

    15;58 nice to be outside with the run, got some pinch grip cramp

  6. Loved this WOD – had to make up for my abysmal showing in WOD 12-5 during open gym…..why couldn’t this have been the last open wod?

    11:03 rx -will have to scale up to 10kg next time…don’t think we had quite the nasty grip effect due to our plates being so much thinner?

  7. 20:28 RX!! well chuffed with that! Found my double unders tonight! Hopefully they will improve and I’ll be stringing more together! Very sweaty wod loved it! Cheers Tezza for convincing me to go rx

  8. G-Skins

    15:something maybe?? Wod clock malfunction :(

  9. Great work out must get my double unders. Good shout with The lateral jumps Terri

  10. 13.49 rx inconsistent DU’s

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