Good luck to Des tonight in his last fight – I know a few of you are heading down to support him which is great all of RCFV wish you luck!!

If you do not follow us on Twitter or Facebook I would start – the next day’s WOD will always go up in the evening on Twitter and FB so if you plan to train early you can get into it and know what awaits or start dusting down your cherry picker!!

Remember we have the CrossFit Kids class this Sunday at 10am for all members children – next week it will be open to all.
Also the new Sunday hours – 2 WOD classes on a Sunday – we expect a big turnout as so many of you have requested a Sunday session!

I know the iPhone app is currently not working, I know this seems like a never ending problem but it does all stem from when we lost the old site. Apple are working on it……thats all they tell me!! Once they release the update for it this problem will go once and for all!!

A} 5 Rounds For Time:
7 Dumbell Clusters 20/10kg
10 Pull Ups
B} 3 x Max Reps Box Jumps 24/20in (Rebounding – once you pause on the floor that set is over)

Post time and reps to comments


  1. Leights

    Good Luck Des, can’t make it to cheer you on so have a great fight.

  2. G-Skins

    7:00am class

    6:54 @ 15kg
    Box jumps 6-26-32 lost my balance on the first set, very annoying

  3. Leights

    7.50 rx

    Jibbed out of the box jumps for the sake of my knees.

  4. 9:15 Rx
    Last round broke me into little pieces!

  5. Andy Burns

    Not a great one for me tonight – hurt my shoulder trying muscle ups before the class … that’ll teach me!!

    8.14 @ 15kg

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