Naughty Banf

Please put your gear away after a session – what is this? 1kg = 1 burpee so 70 burpees Banf boy! Let you off the bands as you have a bad shoulder!!

For Time:
Run 1 Mile
Row 2km
Run 1 Mile

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  1. DmxRonin

    20:28. Thought I’d walked into a 5:30pm class this morning, there were quite a few of us.

  2. 24:45

    Not a fan of rowing, but a great way to start the day nonetheless. :)

    Thanks for shouting me on guys.

  3. 7am
    22:36 RX enjoyed it! Good sweat!

  4. 21.47 as rx. getting in to training on my tod, just hard to pace it with no one around you pushing. thanks to terri for shouting out the door!

  5. G-Skins

    21:44 RX

    Defo room for improvement, didn push hard enough on the last 2 laps; disappointed.

    Quality WOD tho. Running and rowing, almost as horrendous as rowing and rope climbs; almost!

  6. Andy Burns

    24:44 or 24:54 RX (that means no short cuts)

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