Don’t forget the new schedule begins today with additonal daytime classes a dedicated Olympic lifting class and Sunday WOD classes that people have been asking for.


A:  In pairs AMRAP 9 Minutes

Partner 1 does 10 Toes To Bar while partner 2 does as many reps as possible of 40/30kg Hang Power Clean.

Swap everytime the 10 Toes to Bar are completed.

B:  3 x 20 GHD Sit Ups

Post total pair score of HPC to comments


  1. Fun workout today, nice forearm pump.
    Team Kel/Teza 139 hpc

  2. Leights

    as Terri , forearms went first, kitten grip !

    Kev and Leights (Team Plod) 129.

    finished with 100 du , which from now on will be the norm !

  3. 137 with Daf. Forearm burner!

  4. G-Skins

    Skins & Lem: 145

  5. Betsy & Tor 109 HPC

  6. Andy Burns

    Andy & Frew – 123 (I think) … Need to start writing things down

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