Then 3 sets of max reps strict muscle ups.

Post time and number of reps for each set MU to comments


  1. 25:05 Rx

    Running is not my friend!

    Max strict pull ups 9:9:10

  2. 17:24Rx Big thanks to Des for dragging me to a 48 second pb this morning.

    muscle ups – 1-1-1 – still can’t string 2 together without regripping

  3. G-Skins

    22:15 RX new PR due to scaling the back extensions last time.

    Max pull ups 5-5-6

  4. G-Skins

    Tez & Dez smashed it today, impressive to watch. Literally matched each other stride for stride

  5. DmxRonin

    17:17 Rxd.

    Loved taking the competition with Terri (yes Terri, I know I should only be competing with myself 😉 ) far too seriously; asking Jaffa (thanks) to do my shoe lace while going rep for rep with Terri on the Situps (a blatant D.Q!)

    No strict MUs for me yet.

    • Haha- would have shouted no rep at you Des, but then I would have lost count….great fun in a very warped sort of way…I would never have pushed the runs that hard without you.

  6. 24:41 Rx
    MU’s coming along nicely. Got a couple strict then managed to string 3 together with a little kip.
    Third Wod in 24 hours.

  7. Leights

    20.48 Rx
    close grip underhand pull ups 12.10.6

  8. 22:48

    Pull ups 4,3,5

  9. anybody do anchored sit ups? hip extensions were way harder than normal back extensions to. another poor performance from me, not sure whats going on at the moment, 22.03 as rx.

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