Remember your membership cards for tonight to log into class. If you have not yet had one we will sort it when you next train.

For Time:
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters 20kg
30 Pull Ups

Post time to comments


  1. Leights

    Felt good tonight pb’d by 1m 30s.
    8.07 rx

  2. scottdavey

    butterfly pull ups coming nice
    9.09 rx

  3. G-Skins

    8:40 RX
    New PR by 20 seconds :)

    How come no one put times on the board anymore. I always enjoyed looking at the times of people smashing a benchmark WOD! Anyone else agree?

    • Matthew

      Agree Gareth!! Part of CrossFit is the “White board”. I wish more people would write up their times on the board – and keep a log of their times / weights etc. Like Leights tonight – he had a point of reference from the last Jackie and felt pretty good knowing he had a 1min 30sec pb.

  4. First time of taking on Jackie.
    8:50 Rx
    Next time go harder on the thrusters!
    I still use the whiteboard but that is only cos I’ve got a memory like a goldfish.

  5. Andy Burns

    10.41 or 11.41 – Pull ups weren’t as good as last monday

  6. flipflop

    12.56 rx

  7. At last able to log in and put in my occasional comment.
    Last did Jackie row Feb 2011 @7kg: time 14.13. Today Pb @ 20kg in 14 – 16 mins (forgot to look at the clock, really felt good to see the improvment. – All i need now is the kipping pull ups. – This years target.

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